First, a confession: I’ve been an ardent follower of all things Cloud for a long time now. I am especially impressed by the range of AWS services although according to some, GCP is a better designed cloud platform. Even if you think the number of AWS services is a hot mess of confusing interfaces and conflicting nomenclature, you gotta admit that the sheer scale and experience of AWS is incredible.

AWS Solution Architect — Associate

I got interested in certification when one of my colleagues who passed the exam shared his Udemy course experience with me. I started watching the Udemy courses on a Friday…

How the cloud is gobbling up your data and what to do about it?

How many times have we heard the phrase “data is the new oil” in recent times? For all the hype that surrounds the hackneyed phrase and it’s siblings such as “data drives the new engines of growth” etc, we are slowly losing control over our own data. In this age of ubiquitous cloud computing and data democratization pushes, the amount of personal, enterprise, business data that is literally silo-ed in various SaaS services that are used by us and the companies we work for. …

I must say I was taken by surprise like everyone at the virality and ubiquity of Pokémon Go. Unless you have been living under a rock for the last few weeks, Pokémon Go, is the new breakthrough viral game which crossed Tinder (Yes, Tinder!, I don’t know why is that so funny) in daily active users. For people what’s so special about Pokémon Go, let me explain in a few sentences. Pokémon Go, of course features Pokémon characters that appear in real life environs that users can capture and train etc, the usual Pokémon stuff. What sets it apart is…

Bhaskar Gandavabi

I love building software.

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