Tanvi. Great article. We definitely need more responses like to keep the conversation going. We in the Indian community seem to be definitely falling behind in assimilating into the mainstream culture, if we believe ignorance is the cause of this untoward prejudice or hatred or racism, that’s because we seriously have to examine how many first generation south asians (especially Indians because I can’t speak for other groups) really mingle in their communities and be part of the mainstream life? They live in mostly Indian communities and work in IT where most is the co-workers are Indian and they watch Indian TV and mingle with other Indian families and friends. Where’s the scope to make non-Indian friends and learn about their culture and values and make them appreciate our culture and values? We need to end this invisible divide and be part of the community where we live while preserving our Indian traditions and values. If we want to live in peace and harmony we need to build bridges. If we as Indians, especially the 1st generation population wish to enjoy all that America has to offer, we need to be giving back as well, to our adopted country.

I love building software.

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